Have you seen the trending story this week, where a struggling chef asks Gordon Ramsay a vulnerable and personal question… well, he responded in an unexpected way, with Upworthy stating that it; ‘was totally surprising.’ 

The article starts by outlining what many of us assume when we think of Gordon Ramsay, saying he’s; “not exactly known for being nice. Or patient. Or nurturing. On his competition show ‘Hell’s Kitchen’, he belittles cooks who can’t keep up. If people come to him with their problems, he berates them. If someone is struggling to get something right in the kitchen, he curses them out.” 

Yet, it seems even Gordon Ramsey is getting kinder, and I feel that this is what the profession really needs to hone in on.  

So, as #StressAwarenessMonth, which is celebrated throughout the whole of April, comes to an end… I just wanted to share how the infamous ‘Kitchen Nightmare and Hell’s Kitchen’ attitudes and cultures, in the majority, are now a thing of the past – as Kindness is definitely replacing Kickass!  

It turns out, Gordon Ramsay can actually be a really kind and big-hearted man – the Upworthy article shares how; ‘He’s sympathetic to the guy. Not just because he’s a good person. But because he’s been there.’  He goes onto say, how ‘it’s important to remember the people behind the food, which is why saying… “Thank you, chef. This is delicious.” Could mean everything to someone.’ 

There’s no doubt about it, a career in hospitality can be stressful at times and this is why others, in particularly hospitality leaders, shouldn’t be making it more stressful or harder…  

 Hospitality leaders and Heroes, are now leading the way, they are encouraging, supportive and working in savvy ways, all whilst promoting a kindness culture. And, the results from the UK’s Largest Hospitality Survey 2024, shows that the tide is turning with some 69% of workers reporting being happy in their current roles, up from 62%, while 62% expect to be working for the same company in 12 months’ time, up from 54%. With an impressive 82% of employees say they would recommend a career in hospitality, compared with 74% that would have done so last year. 

One of the biggest requirements needed from leaders, is to continue to focus on teams and treat staff like family… leaders need to review the culture of their operation… meaning, for example, ‘saying goodbye to long 16-hour shifts and encouraging breaks and holidays.’ Focus on wellbeing and adopt proactive strategies to reinvigorate and retain teams by cultivating a supportive, safe, respectful and KIND work environment.  

Because, kindness is definitely replacing kickass!  


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