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The Hospitality Hero was Founded by the internationally recognised and award- winning Steven Hesketh and this new venture marks a refreshing and dynamic approach to hospitality savviness.

Struth, it’s the Truth!

The pandemic has cast a serious and long lasting impact on the industry, from; cost of living struggles, staffing shortages, training challenges… many hospitality leaders are stretched, pressed and stressed in parts of the businesses, but never fear, the Hospitality Hero is here!

In a world where hospitality faces unprecedented challenges, we are passionate about redefining the future of this remarkable industry.













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Peter Schrwiersmann

Happy Days Group – Director

‘Stevens passion for the education piece and for inspiring people to do better, particularly in this industry shines through with everything that he says. I think he chooses his words very carefully, he puts things across ever so eloquently and I know he actually means what he says as well, it doesn’t just sound good which is a really big thing.

Ever since I meet Steven, despite the fact that we come from quite different backgrounds, we have always had a real amount of mutual respect and listen to each others view on things. To come together under this umbrella now and to deliver training, education and advice for hospitality professionals across Merseyside and Chester, I think it’s a logical next stop for someone like Steven’


Chester Grosvenor – General Manager

‘A great day today, bringing all the experts of hospitality together and sharing some good stories that we can take back and use in our businesses to help us move forward


Jim Dorrington

Artezzan – Director of Operations

What fantastic initiative this has been. Bringing all these hospitality heros in one room, nearly 100 of them is no mean feat and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Steven was very brave in trying to do this and it’s been a tremendous success and I for one am really keen to see what happens and be apart of this journey

Elliot Hill

Chester Grosvenor – Executive Chef

‘A really exciting day and a lovely day for lots of people in different walks of Hospitality to come
together and put our heads together and think how to move forward. Be lovely to do more
networking and event and nice to know that we are not the only ones going through hard times and
not the only psychopaths who really enjoy it either and lovely to see’

Izzy Grey

We Love Good Times – Director

‘What an absolutely incredible event, there was so many elements which I certainly didn’t expect but were all so on topic and everybody would have learnt something fantastic or so many things from today and it’s done a huge amount to further improve relations between Chester and Liverpool and we need to do a lot more of that. Brilliant’

Katherine Jones

Think Wine Group – Director

Wow, what an inspirational day it was and to meet so many inspirational people under one roof. It was a great day from start to finish and we networked. There were so many people that I knew but also, so many people that I didn’t know that I was able to meet today that I’ve actually spoken to on LinkedIn but have not yet met in person. All the speakers were just phenomenal, I can’t wait to attend another one of these events and think it’s just the beginning!

Liam Barrie

Round R’s – Owner

‘I think the biggest experience for us over the last 5-10 years is about how important networking has been and having that network, place where you can go and talk to peers, talk to people who have got experience and knowledge.

Steven has been one of those people for me over the years so to be part of the event today and support that and put him out there and open doors for other venues and operators to get in touch, I think it’s an important thing to be doing anyway. Steven’s such a great guy with experience and knowledgeable in these areas and should go to him as a resource and use Hospitality Hero at your next event

Jamie Wray

Way to WOW – Managing Director

‘Todays event, The Art of Hospitality was absolutely brilliant. Lots to take away from it and really educational for everyone around. I think Steven was brilliant and definitely look forward to some more coming event from The Hospitality Hero and what a great day

“I’ve been there; stretched, pressed, and stressed! I am passionate about giving hospitality management a wake-up call, to become leaders, get savvy, and save our industry. Let’s not sleepwalk into a world where functioning on autopilot becomes the norm, relying on apps, technology, and robots is a given, and settling for a second-class service is standard!”

Steven Hesketh, Ceo & founder

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