Steven Hesketh: The Hospitality Hero

Passionately delivering 21st Century Hospitality

“Hospitality is a delivery of an Experience! It’s made with attention to detail, care & passion.”

Steven Hesketh is 

A man on a mission to ‘revive the hospitality industry, with people, place and perception in mind.

 A big task…so what exactly is his plan?

He is putting his heart, soul and cash into supporting an industry he’s been a part of for 30 years – one he fears won’t have a sustainable future if things don’t change – and is committing to being a leader of that change.

Driven by his belief that evolution and history must unite to ensure the industry has a strong and sustainable future, Steven is facilitating industry events, collaborations and conversations, as well as developing training and offering consultancy support – to proactively encourage growth – growth of the industry as a whole, and growth of the people working within it, supporting and training hospitality leaders globally.

Steven, who has owned and run hotels for the past 30 years in Industry, has also run/worked within restaurants, leisure clubs, student accommodation, serviced apartments and retail outlets.

Led by his driving passion of creating first class hospitality experiences, which he underpins with his belief that attention to detail, care and passion are the core elements that create success.

He believes these elements are often overlooked in today’s fast paced world, compared to more traditional times where gold star customer service was revered. 

Connecting people back to the heart of it is a core focus for him and in sharing his knowledge and experience and facilitating wider collaboration within the industry he hopes to re-ignite the passion of those currently working in the industry, as well as attracting new talent from the next generation.

Steven is Chair of Chester Hospitality Association and Vice-Chair of Liverpool Hospitality (Association), as well as a Committee Member for UK Hospitality (Northern Region).

‘The Hospitality Hero’, is a new strand to his work, and Steven’s H.E.R.O values are focused around:- 

  • Heralding hospitality as a dynamic industry and crucial to place making of towns and cities
  • Economics & Employment – championing the impact Hospitality brings to Regions, the UK and the wider world
  • Respect & Retention – Educating, Developing, Training and Supporting Employees and Operators
  • Opportunity – illustrating the changes this Industry provides through People, Place & Perception

Taking on his role as a champion for the industry, dedicated to improving hospitality service & culture both in the UK and Internationally, Steven is keen to share the good, the bad and the ugly of the industry, to facilitate progress and create more positive movements around customer service and customer experience. Committed to showing excellence and encouraging the strive for perfection, via short sharp, practical training, collaborative events and insightful mentorship, he is owning what he sees as a responsibility to lead from the front.

A dynamic and well respected force in the fields of hospitality, events and leadership, Steven brings a wealth of knowledge and a passion for transformation, alongside three decades of hands-on experience in the hospitality industry, as he continues his mission to inspire people to be savvy, passionate and honest, to enhance human kindness and always be hospitable

From humble beginnings…

Steven started his career in hospitality at the age of 15, cleaning windows in a beach resort in Australia, and he loves the opportunities the industry brings people to work their way up, and around the industry.

Throughout his 30 years he has experienced highlights such as winning the Caterer Acorn Award, highlighting the Industries up and coming stars under 30 alongside devastating lows of financial distress and struggles when first setting out as an Entrepreneur, but Steven has continued to evolve, and grow, embrace change, coming back stronger from every struggle – an approach he feels is necessary for the industry as a whole, for it to thrive.

He is passionate about maintaining and indeed enhancing the human connection as part of the hospitality experience, focusing on enhancing customer service with personal interaction and strong communication skills, passionately believing that tech and AI cannot replace true people skills.

He is looking to create a community of Hospitality Heroes – professionals who are ready and eager to fight for the industry to be its very best, and he has global initiatives lined up to help train, develop and celebrate these industry champions.

He is passionate about ensuring that we understand the impact Hospitality has in our cities, both economically and culturally, and that we see the huge benefits it can bring. 

His rally cry is that:

“We must save Hospitality now

– so Hospitality can save us!”

“Hospitality is one of the largest economically generated revenues for many countries across the globe. However, the pandemic has cast a serious and long-lasting impact on the industry.

The current state of play means that many restaurants and hotels around the world are simply putting ‘one step in front of the other’ as they try to survive.

Many managers and staff have become monotonous, stuck on autopilot and have lost their mo-jo and we are seeing huge staff shortages and recruitment/retention difficulties – with huge generational gaps.

Together with these issues hospitality venues are also having to navigate rising inflation, including; energy bills and food prices… and alongside this, there is a dampening in consumer confidence.

All of this is leading to hospitality businesses and upper management feeling they are on the brink – stretched, pressed and stressed!….and we cannot go on like this.”


Steven Hesketh, Ceo & founder

It is my Mission

To help educate, inspire and collaborate with leaders and entrepreneurs to enhance transformational change in themselves and their business, through experiential learning that helps them fall back in love with the art of hospitality and supports them to not just survive, but to thrive.”

Specialisms to comment on:

The future of hospitality

creating world leading customer experience

the changing face of hospitality

people vs profit

Customer service

leadership development

Work Ethic & Communication Skills,

Business change management

The effects of Covid on the industry

Practical Skills Training

Overcoming change

Visitor Economy

 Training of Generation Y, Z & Alpha in a 21st Century world

Steven’s Credentials, Qualifications and Awards

* Elevate Patron (2022/23)

* Insider 42 under 42 winner (2017)

* Caterer Acorn Award Winner (2008)

* Downtown in Business Hospitality Personality of the Year (2016) 

* South Cheshire Chamber Young Business Person of the Year (2008)

* QTRMA Awards – Rising Star Award (1995)

Chair of Chester Hospitality Association & Vice Chair of Destination Chester Vice-Chair of Liverpool Hospitality (Association) & Liverpool Accommodation Business Improvement District, additionally Committee Member for UK Hospitality (Northern Region) – proudly flying the flag for the great Visitor Economy Sector in North West, UK.

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