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30 Years Experience.

Meet Our Founder, Steven Hesketh

Struth! Steven’s journey from starting his career in hospitality at the age of 15 in Australia to leading hotels and restaurants across the UK is a remarkable one. 

Bringing a wealth of knowledge and a passion for transformation, alongside three decades of hands-on experience in the hospitality industry, Steven is on a mission to inspire people to be savvy, passionate and honest, to enhance human kindness and always be hospitable.

Currently running a highly profitable hospitality business, Steven has seen it all – from the highs to the lows – he’s navigated many challenges and celebrated many successes – and his journey from zero to hero is a testament to his unwavering dedication to the industry.

You may have only heard one side of his story, but the reality is that Steven has been flambéed, burnt to a high level, but the flambéing process only added to his experience, giving him even more flavour! 

Steven’s resilience during the pandemic showcased his ability to thrive in adversity. His three independent hotels not only survived, they thrived, maintaining extraordinarily high-quality service for every guest. 

Steven is deeply committed to advocating for the industry and is actively involved in various tourism boards and associations. Steven is well connected, well informed and well aware, as he zealously continues on his mission to support and save the hospitality industry.

A Family Legacy

The Hesketh family’s dedication to hospitality is at the heart of their success. Steven’s wife of nearly 22 years, twin daughters, and son are all actively involved in the family business. Together, they have earned a reputation for being suave, savvy, and the best in class.


Struth, it’s the Truth! Hospitality is one of the largest economically generated revenues for many countries across the globe. However, the pandemic has cast a serious and long-lasting impact on the industry, the current state of play means that many restaurants and hotels around the world are simply putting ‘one step in front of the other’ as they try to survive.

Many managers and staff have become monotonous, stuck on autopilot and have lost their mo-jo and we are seeing huge staff shortages and recruitment/retention difficulties – with huge generational gaps.

Together with these issues, many hospitality venues are also having to navigate rising inflation, including; energy bills and food prices and alongside this, there is a dampening in consumer confidence, with many cutting down and being cautious when it comes to spending.

All of this is leading to many hospitality businesses and upper management feeling they are on the brink – stretched, pressed and stressed! 

A Passion-Fuelled Blend of

 Australian Fair Dinkum and Quintessentially British Approach

At The Hospitality Hero, we are ignited by Steven Hesketh’s passion:

“I’ve been there; stretched, pressed, and stressed! I am passionate about giving hospitality management a wake-up call, to become leaders, get savvy, and save our industry. Let’s not sleepwalk into a world where functioning on autopilot becomes the norm, relying on apps, technology, and robots is a given, and settling for a second-class service is standard!” – Steven

Steven wants to connect with hospitality leaders worldwide, reintroducing a savvy, common-sense approach to hospitality.
His successful strategies blend Australian Fair Dinkum and Quintessentially British approaches, delivering an exceptional mix of unquestionably great practices.

Our Mission

To educate, inspire and collaborate with leaders and entrepreneurs to enhance transformational change in themselves and their business, through experiential learning that helps them become more hospitality savvy.

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Free Resource!

Download Steven’s Free Venue Audit

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