This Wednesday was International Day of Happiness. As part of The Hospitality Hero Masterclass, I start our Customer Service Leadership module with a favourite video of mine – it’s also a video that I tend to show at every talk, workshop or induction that I do, I’ve been showing it for the last five, six years and it is priceless…. it’s a YouTube clip that features Pharrell Williams and Oprah talking about how Pharrell’s music has impacted the world: “Happy” – 

Wow. What a video. Honestly, it always gets me A) heavily excited and B) really emotional.

That video absolutely shows what we do in hospitality on a day-to-day basis.

Pharrell has the luxury of being able to create a happiness experience through his music that gives people experiences across the world in their billions…in their BILLIONS! That song can be someone’s birth song, date song, dance song, school leavers song, it can be somebody’s wedding song, it can be a song at a birthday party for your three-year-old child…it’s someone’s moment, it’s someone’s memory.

This helps us all define our reason for being in Hospitality, we are creating moments and memories that warms the heart and make people happy, through our experiences and we don’t even know it sometimes! These moments can often cost very little, but mean a great deal to the customer and can usually bring in a much bigger return.

I am a huge advocate for happiness, so much so that within the Savvy Hotel Group, which I run alongside The Hospitality Hero, we have a ‘Director of Happiness’ and my wife Nic, certainly is a ‘smiling happy mothering butterfly’ to all. Leading our venues with positivity and a huge smile.

Nic does a bit of everything around the hotel from being in the restaurant, housekeeping, she helps in the kitchen if needed, she leads customer service, she is great at making staff feel special – she covers a plethora of teams at the hotel and is a very good handy-woman, who isn’t afraid to get her hands dirty when needed!

And, she does everything with a smile on her face and always has a positive attitude towards things. Always friendly to everyone; customers, suppliers and staff.

Jill said; “Nic is someone who always has a smile on her face and radiates positivity in the workplace. Knowing Nic personally outside of work, she is just the same and always makes time to check how you are and has a calming influence.”

Laura said: “Nicola, where do I start, just to see her smiling face walking through the door in the morning is an instance lift, she really does brighten up any day, she seems to know just how your feeling and knows exactly what to say, she lets me vent to her and doesn’t judge, always calms me and lifts my mood,  I hope she knows what a special gift she has, her empathy is second to none, and is the happiest person I know. Everyone needs Nicola in their life, and I’m happy she is in mine.”

Liza: “Nic is Simply the Best!! Most wonderful person who brings joyful vibes to the room. Inspiring others to do the same. Loved by all.”

Nic herself said; “A positive attitude all the way. If you smile at someone, they will smile back and if they don’t, ask how they are. Everything is a positive even something bad. You can always make good and I believe positivity is the key to happiness.”

Nic is a real example of a Hospitality Hero, leading with positivity, joy and enthusiasm. What a woman!

Let’s all keep creating moments and memories that warm the heart and make people happy.