I was lucky enough to bag some Taylor Swift tickets to the The Eras Tour at Anfield Stadium, Liverpool, where my family and I had a great night singing, friendship band swapping… and I even busted out some incredible dad dancing, just like Prince William! And, I’m not ashamed to admit, I am a Swifty!


It was great to hear that her visit to the city, hit the record of most attendees at Anfield stadium, as The Hospitality Hero, I advocate big names, like Taylor, coming to cities across the UK – it’s a great boost for hospitality in these areas and it has been said that this show is expected to bring with it an estimated £997 million boost to the UK economy. Boom!


So, as Taylor Swift continues to send fans across the world, and especially the UK, into a frenzy… I thought I’d take some time to share 5 things I believe Hospitality Leaders can learn from Taylor Swift.


  1. Shake it off! Shake it off! In order for us to develop as leaders, we need to be self-aware and ‘shake off’ any limiting beliefs and negativity that might be holding us back, not do we need to shake off our own limitations, but also those negative comments others may have said in the past too. Taylor once said; “I’ve had to learn a pretty tough lesson in the past couple years that people can say whatever they want… at any time, and we cannot control that… The only thing we can control is our reaction to that… You can either let it get to you… [or] you just shake it off.” There have been many times in my career I have had to ‘shake it off’ and carry on… So, let’s shake off the negative comments, dismiss the haters, break the shackles of past mistakes, not allow ourselves to wallow in the difficult climate… we need to take control and consider our reaction to things. It’s time to take back our power, lead the change and make a difference in our sector.


  1. Surprise and Delight – In my hospitality venues, I always talk about the importance of ‘surprise and delight’ and Taylor has a similar strategy, by having a surprise song every concert and trust me, that always gets people excited – it is such a nice touch! Similarly, great customer service can delight us. Having spent 30 years in the hospitality industry, high-quality customer service has been my lifeblood, and it’s something I’m passionate about spreading. So, start by really caring about the little things – the little touches, the unexpected surprises – consider how you can make people feel special, what could you deliver on that they will remember – it doesn’t even need to cost much money, for example; I still remember receiving a great empowering message on the bathroom mirror at a hotel that my wife and I stayed at.


  1. Communications and Connection – As I have said many times before, communication and connection are key when it comes to hospitality. Not only do Swifties connect via friendship bands and bracelets, but Taylor has an incredible way of connecting with her fans and audiences on a deeper level. This is what we can do with our customers. In a Forbes interview, communications consultant, Richard Greene, shared how Taylor Swift has much to teach leaders about how to engage with an audience and to create a human connection. Saying, even in a large auditorium, the singer is able to “create a level of intimacy and connection that is outstanding..” and that “the communication skills of many musical performers are very much under-rated.” The article goes on to say that the good news is that, while leaders may not achieve the prowess of Swift or her peers, just about any business leader can learn to become a better speaker and therefore a better communicator.


  1. Be Adaptable – As a teenager, Taylor totally reshaped the direction of country music and then she managed to transition from country super-stardom to pop mega-stardom. Swift has not only impacted and influenced, but she has also been very adaptable, successfully transitioning between different music genres and styles. In a constantly evolving landscape, in hospitality, we have to be adaptable and flexible in our approaches. Embrace innovation and change. Stay open to new ideas and methods, even if they challenge the status quo.


  1. Be Kind! According to another Forbes article, ‘Taylor Swift made headlines after displaying an extraordinary gesture of generosity, one which others in the entertainment industry—and beyond—could learn from. In the middle of her The US. Eras Tour… Swift gave everyone who works on the venture a bonus. But these weren’t your typical bonuses. She reportedly handed out an astonishing $55 million in gifts, including $100,000 for each truck driver who brings the production from city to city. That’s a “life-changing” sum for people who may make that much in a year, and some from her touring crew spoke out thanking her publicly.’ Taylor is at the top of the music world, currently one of the most successful artist in the world, and one of the bestselling of all time and the driving force behind The Eras Tour, but while she’s a main reason for its success, she realises that her this success is thanks to a lot of other people also working hard behind the scenes. As the article alludes, this is unusual in the entertainment sector, but, gradually… this is how kindness starts to replace kickass! And, I feel that kindness replacing kickass, is also what the hospitality profession really needs to hone in on too. There’s no doubt about it, a career in hospitality can be stressful at times and this is why others, in particularly hospitality leaders, shouldn’t be making it more stressful or harder… which is why many hospitality leaders and Heroes, are leading the way, by being encouraging, supportive and working in savvy ways, all whilst promoting a kindness culture. And, the results from the UK’s Largest Hospitality Survey 2024, demonstrate this turning tide with some 69% of workers reporting being happy in their current roles, up from 62%, while 62% expect to be working for the same company in 12 months’ time, up from 54%. With an impressive 82% of employees say they would recommend a career in hospitality, compared with 74% that would have done so last year. One of the biggest requirements needed from leaders, is to focus on wellbeing and adopt proactive strategies to reinvigorate and retain teams by cultivating a supportive, safe, respectful and KIND work environment. Ultimately, let’s remember what hospitality is all about. It’s about being human and being kind to each other.



It’s clear to see that Taylor Swift’s influence goes beyond her music and into valuable lessons for hospitality leaders. So, let’s take inspiration from Taylor and strive to make our hospitality venues places where kindness, adaptability, connection, surprise and delight are at the forefront.


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