The last ten weeks have been a whirlwind – from the Liverpool Hospitality awards on the 9th May, to last week’s Wrexham Hotel opening, events are becoming a central part of the job.

The events industry in the UK is a major and vibrant sector that plays a significant role in the economy. In 2022, it was valued at around £39.5 billion and is anticipated to continue growing. This includes all type of events, including concerts, festivals, and sporting events, however, as found in an analysis of the UKs event, corporate events and seminars were the leading event type in 2018 and it doesn’t seem to be slowing down. Last month, we hosted our second conference event, The Art of Hospitality, which garnered an array of positive feedback, further highlighting the importance and success of corporate events in the industry.

Here are all the events we organized, sponsored, and participated in:

Townhouse Terrace Reopening

Since reopening The Townhouse Terrace on the 25th April, we have had non-stop events. Our Terrace reopening was a great success with multiple local businesses in attendance. The support from local businesses has been invaluable, and their presence at our events has helped create a strong sense of community.

Liverpool Hospitality People Awards

On the evening of May 9th, 2024, the Liverpool Hospitality Association hosted a spectacular night to celebrate the vibrant hospitality industry, drawing together a dynamic gathering of passionate individuals. The Liverpool Hospitality People Awards was truly an unforgettable night, marking the sixth edition of this prestigious event since its inception in 2018. This event saw over 400 delegates, encouraging a range of networking and a night of celebrating your business neighbours. The night was filled with joy, pride, and a shared sense of accomplishment, making it a memorable occasion for all who attended.

The Art of Hospitality

As June rolled in, I found myself immersed in another one of my exciting ventures: the Art of Hospitality Conference, held at Liverpool’s Hilton. This event, now in its second year, is a passion project of mine designed to inspire and energize anyone with an interest in hospitality. The improvements from our first conference were significant, and we received an overwhelming amount of positive feedback. With nearly 100 attendees, ranging from established hospitality professionals to those just beginning their careers, the atmosphere was electric. The conference offered a fantastic opportunity for networking, learning, and sharing industry insights, making all the hard work truly worthwhile. To find out more details about my conference check out my blog The Art Of Hospitality Roundup

Chester Hospitality People Awards

On June 20th, the Chester Hospitality People Awards were held at the Chester Racecourse, celebrating the outstanding hospitality venues and employees in the Chester area. This marked the second year of the awards, and the atmosphere was filled with anticipation and joy. The entire evening felt intimate and heartfelt, with everyone sharing in each other’s happiness, fostering a positive and supportive community spirit. The event featured over 250 guests, including the Mayor of Chester, as well as a representative from Cheshire East council, Cheshire West council, Liverpool council and Wrexham council. Their attendance, along with the support from other influential individuals, greatly enhanced the prestige and significance of the awards and recognitions. It was wonderful to have all of these councils come together.

Hotel Wrexham Opening

The 28TH June brought to life my newest venture, Hotel Wrexham. This event saw over 250 guests in attendance, with the likes of local Wrexham business, Wrexham council and Wrexham’s Madam Mayor. This event was a brilliant opportunity to show off our new venue and it allowed us to create canapes of sample food from the new Savvy Fox Pub that will be located inside Wrexham Hotel. The food included halloumi, fish and chips, burgers, pavlova and churros!

We had ThinK Wine Prosecco flowing all night, alongside Wrexham Larger bottles with Hotel Wrexham branding. We also had two refurbished rooms on display to the guests, with mood boards dotted around to show our future designs for the pub and hotel.

In summary, these events offer a fantastic way to meet new people, promote your venue, showcase what you have to offer, and build valuable connections. These past few weeks of non-stop events have shown just how essential they are becoming in the hospitality scene.

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